Why choose us?

We offer a professional service to those who wish to turn unwanted quality
road, triathlon or mountain bikes into potential next day funds.

Our aim

Our intention is to make selling your bicycle a smooth, hassle free transaction, that enables the
seller to receive quick funds, often to fund your next bicycle.


  • - Receive agreed figure within 48 hours
  • - Avoid buyers knocking at your door


  • - Receive agreed figure within 48 hours
  • - Avoid buyers knocking at your door


  • - Avoid excessive Ebay fees
  • - Avoid buyers knocking at your door


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How do you arrive at the quotation?

We consider the brand and the model new price, age and overall condition before arriving at a figure. We also check our figure against past sales of similar models on the internet.

Will you make an offer on any bike?

We try to buy in stock with a resale value in excess of £500 and preferably even more than that as this gives us a chance of making a suitable business margin on resale.

Does my bike have to be in perfect condition to get a quote?

Not all of our bicycles are in perfect condition, but we do like our stock to be well presented and in very good condition prior to resale.

How do I get paid?

A seller can receive a payment prior to us receiving the bike, but this is only possible by using a Paypal ‘Goods and Services’ payment, which attracts a fee of approximately 4% for the seller.

Alternatively, we can offer a fee-free electronic bank transfer but only after we have inspected the bicycle. More and more of our purchases are made in this fashion as sellers are placing their trust in Webuycycle’s service.

What is your returns policy?

On rare occasions, we receive a bicycle that we feel has not been accurately described as far as condition/usage is concerned. We reserve the right to review our offer figure and should a figure not be agreed upon, then Webuycycle would expect the seller to stand the cost of the return courier.


We are looking to buy Road, Triathlon and Mountain Bicycles that have a resale value in excess of £750 minimum resale.

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